A Parent Spotlight...

I would like to start out by saying, “Thank You Debbie”.
Now, the reason for that leads into a very long list but I will minimize it as much as I can. 


My daughter Madison and I have been with the family at Visions since 2005 until present and my baby will be 16 years old this year. Wow, I didn’t realize that it has been 7 years until now. I have watched my baby go from tennis shoes to wedges, from pony tails to pin up curls and flowers in the hair, from jeans all the time to dainty little skirts and blouses and blazers, from no jewelry to must have earrings, bangle, rings, necklaces and to say the least from no purse to a must have variety of purses all the time. 

I have watched my daughter go from major attitude when she could not get a dance move right to stopping and helping others with their dance moves, from getting upset at the drop of a hat to sometimes being a spokesperson for her peers when they have a problem. 

It takes a village to raise our children now a days and Debbie definitely takes pride in her village.  Debbie’s passion for dance shows through all of her hard work.  Debbie does not give up on her children even when they seem to be at that very special TRYING age.  I’m sure you know what ages I’m speaking of, when they think they know more that you as a parent.  Debbie constantly works with all of her girls from:  how they dance, how they speak, how they dress, how they act, how they treat one another, how they treat themselves.  Debbie doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to the amount of respect that each girl must have for themselves and their parents alike. 

Debbie not only teaches dance, she teaches our girls about life from a Christian aspect and I will say that, it doesn’t get any better than that! Debbie talks to our girls just like they are her own and treats them all as equals and when we need to just sit back and not say anything sometimes, Debbie then leads by example. With no words being spoken her girls/our girls see how faithful and dedicated Debbie is to our God first, herself and all of them. 
I can’t say enough about how Debbie has helped transform our girls into little ladies.  I am so proud of the village that Debbie has created at Vision. 
Thank you for letting me speak about Debra Stewart Akles, she is truly what I call “A Beast”.  She laughs when I say it to her and she knows what I mean when I say it.  She wears so many hats and juggles so much and still finds time to minister to our kids/little ladies.  I LOVE OUR VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!